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Instructor Indemnity Insurance Application

MartialGuard Insurance

Limit of liability £5,000,000

Your application will be processed by the National Taekwon-Do Alliance UK upon receipt of payment.

Your renewal will be your responsibility.  A month before the expiry you will receive an email directly from MartialGuard so that you can process your renewal.

The following assumptions have been made about the instructor which will form the basis of the quote provided:
The Instructor:
– has not been convicted or charged (but not yet tried) with any non-motoring, criminal offence
– has not been declared bankrupt or insolvent
– has not had cover refused, cancelled or declined by a previous insurer
– has never had special terms imposed on a previous policy
– maintains all equipment properly and keeps it in a good state of repair
– does not sell any unacceptable weapons (refer to listed Disciplines and Weapons on
– does not export any goods, directly or indirectly, to the USA or Canada


I/We declare that to the best of my/our ability and belief and by making specific enquiries of partners, directors and senior management involved in the business and its subsidiaries that:
– the above statements and particulars, whether written by me/us or by others on my/our behalf, are true and complete
– any statement or particulars which have been given separately by me/us or by others on my/our behalf are true and complete
– I/we have told you everything that may be relevant or important for insurers to know, so that they can make decisions on whether to offer cover, the type of cover to offer, the terms to be applied and the required premium.
(If you are in any doubt/not sure then just tell us. If you don’t do this, and a relevant piece of information is missed, then you may not be covered correctly, your insurance may be invalid or you may be charged a higher premium).
– no insurer has declined my/our proposal, cancelled or refused to renew my/our policy or increased the premium or required special terms or conditions in respect of any of the risks proposed.
I/We agree to accept the Allianz standard form of policy for this type of insurance
I/We understand that Allianz reserves the right to decline any proposal
I/We understand that Insurer’s share information with each other, credit reference agencies and other information
agencies with regard to credit agreements, policies and claims, primarily to assess risks, handle claims and prevent fraud